Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the malay version of italian job, this weekend!


hey All, this review made just a few hours after the very deserved win by our national football team over Chinese Taipei with score 2 - 1.

well, should we won more than that?


can we win more than that?

yeah, OF COURSE.

Did the away goal conceded after we led 2-0 cost us the chance to move to the next round?

well, obviously YES.

Honestly I am so disappointed, not with the performance, not because of the end result, BUT because of several "bijak pandai" among the fans.

yes, U can said anything on ur mind and share it to every1... but, dont this fellas deserved many credits for their performance just now?

we're not that GREAT, but I am sure compared to the National team a few years ago, or a decade ago, this squad is a much BETTER team, dont they?

or atleast I noticed that...

once again, the HARIMAU MALAYA proved to the critics that the achievement at the Suzuki Cup was not only by luck, they had established the team very well under Dato' K. Rajagopal.

Although without several key players, they still managed to implement the perfect game plan, to get the Taiwanese out from the box...

but still, lots of work need to be done this weekend,..moreover, we will play as the guest and with the 1 away goal that we concede, the RIGHT tactical should once again, need to be made...

I'll never doubt about the ability of this team...

win or lose, lets just keep on supporting towards the development of our football team,
and for the FOOTBALL's sake.


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