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Hello Assalamualaikum.,,

Arau, Perlis.

a small and tiny town, a smell of fresh air, a wonderful of green scenery throughout everywhere,
the villages and villagers, the unique ascend that touch your heart, the MEMORY.

a place that feel much more like HOME, now.

What is my best way to describe Arau Perlis? honestly me doesn't know.

so then, since I am going away from Arau to further my study here in Klang Valley,

let me reveal my 10 Things that I will miss about ARAU !


Owh, this is so RARE. I dont know why, but everytime I see paddy field in here, i feel sooooooo peace! you know, during my time as a students, the only reason why I love to travel by bus back to my hometown was because of this scenery. the journey back from Perlis then through to Kedah was so beautiful. 

Well, GO GREEN! ;D


I dont really knew dis kid in person well, but I always feel that there is something special about him that gonna be explode on the right moment later... and one of those is, his special home-made CARAMEL.
I love the caramel or what we call PUDING...he made it himself, and sold it to friends and friends of friends...! I dont know about the recipe, but it just taste delicious!

and what make that special is your passion on doing what you LOVE to do, that's the main INGREDIENT of success and why Im so addicted to your caramel! ;D

keep it up EPI, dont listen much on all the haters, that is their problems, not yours ok?
really looking forward on what ur gonna be one day, I believe, with one right direction, u will be GREATER than me...BEAT ME brother! ;D


Dear frens, thing you should know about PERLIS is, in here we can called them as a FOOD HEAVEN. from the moment you walk away from ur door, there are food stall everywhere! and whats make it special, its kinda CHEAP and AFFORDABLE.

we dont have McD, TRUE!

but if ur..
craving for a delicious and fresh seafood taste, we have KUALA PERLIS...

craving for a simple burger and Oblong ( a McD's prosperity burger version), we have ROADSIDE CORNER,

craving for fast any GORENG2, walk anywhere, everywhere you'll find any stall alongside the road..hehe

craving for best and cold CENDOL PULUT, try this place dat called FATINNAZ CORNER.

for a more modern and urban taste, well, now we have this one kopitiam inside C-Mart (lupe namenye) that can suited you up! hehe

A FOOD HEAVEN, surely i will miss this!


wh, did I just mention about this sport? owh yeah... FYI, frisbee was one of the weird among so many sports that I have been played so far...

now, lets back to where it all began. this sport was formally introduced by one of my colleague during TMT/PEDAGOGY presentation (nicky wacky and CO), so it was very eye catching and easy to play. 

by then, when I got back here in Arau last year, this sport has been very established among the students, well not ALL, but most of them. they able to throw the disc like PRO, doing the tricky trick things and that really surprise me!

furthermore, they also managed to organized one FRISBEE open tournament for the very first time in this state (lame is it?) with a large amount of cash as a reward.

and why Im gonna missed this game?
because this is my game that I played every freaking day when I have nothing to do...and with this game, I managed to know everyone quite well! sweetah!


aha, riding was fun!
yeah tired, but still.....FUN!!!

first of all, blame Mr BUDIN. why? because my master shifoo was the one that responsible to introduce this culture to FSR legacy...hehe! (a big applause to him)

riding an MTB was surely a last thing that came into my mind IF im not working here...
but then, all my perspective about riding, changed!

the opportunity to know deeper about riding came when my students decided to organized an MTB ENDURANCE CHALLENGE as their project for my subject.

from zero, I have to gain as many knowledge in my mind so that I am able to cope with this project..yelah, my first semester as a new lecturer, so surely I want this event to be successful as always...

so I started to ride a bike with this boys, surveyed the track to make sure everything was perfect and then.....I began my career as a rider, cewah!

starting with a ride to KUALA PERLIS a few times for breaking fast with students,

then a very tricky ride to Bukit Pauh / Kandahar also with students,

and the most exciting one surely my last ride (also with students) was to Timah Tasoh lake - BBQ at Gua Kelam and Makan2 kat Umah Pa'an GAIA...he he he..

and, now I am able to have my own bike,
though it just a second hand ride,
I still proud of myself, since I am able to force and challenged 'me' to try a new thing!

Next, ride around KLANG area...!
lets hope ini bukan hangat2 tahi ayam! hahaha!


without any single doubt, i will surely missed them.

within a very young age, to be part of the team that can contribute to society by sharing knowledge and experience, the challenges was always difference for me.

As i could recall, my very first class was with a part 5 students named QUADRICEPs, I was so nervous and quite not so prepared for that. but by then, as the time goes by, I know I am improving but still, there is a LOT of room for improvement.

by being a lecturer,

your students can make you feel very happy, energetic and motivated at one moment...
but, they also can condemn you and let you down to earth in any split second.

there was a sweet and sour moment with them...

during a very wonderful one year, I am so blessed to atleast to get to know you guys.
thank you for the opportunity!

the AGM was awesome, the Interpart has been so high standard these days and DINNER was amazing as ALWAYS!

a special regards to everyone from Quadriceps, Sartorius, Gracilis, Stapedius, Scalenes and also Anconeus!
you guys will always be in my heart, and part of my journey to success!



what can I say about them, they are so special in their own way.

naaah, u cant believe the experience that I had with them, both from the time as their students and being their workmates.

a special dedication to my mentor Sir Fikri, for this opportunity and chance to be back here in Arau, I guess he's the one that was responsible to brought me here. THANK YOU boss, I'll try my best to follow your footstep, and may you finished ur PHD's soon, x saba nk pggil Dr.!

a warm regard also to Sir Budin for your advice, motivation and inspiration throughout my time here, also best of luck for ur PHD! see u in Aussie sir!

To Dr. Khor, a lady boss alike, so effective and efficient in managing her department, TQ miss sexay!

to Sir Fauzan, a very cool and chill mentor, whose always dedicated to his work! nanti bile baby da cukup umoq, jangan lupa perjanjian kita ye daddy! haha
TQ boh!

to Sir Tham, a fatherly alike for me in here, his work rate, his teaching style is always a reference for me..everytime we met, there was always a new information from him! so dedicated to educate people! TQ sir!

To Sir Gopeng, a man to beat! if not because of him, I wasnt be so motivated to be as who I am, it was a very long story actually,keep it up the good work! moga cepat2 dapat anak, TQ bro!

To sir Harris, a best colleague to mingle around, Fun and Funny! always cheered everything up. a next KK and leader for FSR one day,InsyAllah, cepat2 dapat anak jugak, hehe. TQ bro!

To Capt Amri, still the same old style and person...the passion and dedication towards enhancing the education in Outdoor is always the same. keep it up boh, I learned a lot from OUTREC, and still keep on learning, TQ Tuanku!

To kak Zura, the only thing that I regret from her was I never got a chance to be your student. if not, I surely be one of the best in Nutrition area! happy giving birth to your second child kak, TQ!

to mdm Yana who is still under her study 'holiday', thank you for your advice and motivation... she still keep in touch with me and giving me advice sometimes, hehe..cepat2 buat PHD, nk panggil u Dr. RAZ! hehe

and to Kak Masheera, the young and dangerous sistah! used to be my senior during my students era, and still a senior in this teaching line.. my best wishes for ur upcoming Master, hope to work together again kak! good luck!


owh hye, welcome to my HOT TOP 3 in this article. 
and it started with on how much im gonna miss my classes!

my second semester here in Arau, I have 4 diff subjects to teach...which are :

Management in sport, 
Understanding Human Behavior,
Acquisition Sport Skill, 
and also Sport Event Management.

the challenge is different for each subject, the character need to be very flexible since I am teaching a different classes with a different attitude and a different group of age / teen...

Look, why I am so enjoying my one year as a tutor was because I really loved to speak...
and for so many years, I can just convinced peoples with my words...I am used with that! (show off)

so this opportunity, to conduct a class of my own, was something that I cheers every minutes in and out. 

I am actually having fun during my class...aha!

If u guys asking what the biggest challenges was, I will go for retaining the attention of your students through the 2 hour class!

as a student, I bet with my whole LIFE u cant fully focus along 2hours during lectures... UNLESS, the subject is interesting and the Lecturer is attractive. 

so to make sure that they are all being there with me, I have to be very attractive, fun and my way of delivering information need to be flexible. all the examples need to be true and very closed to reality. 

In this case, I am so admiring Mr. Tham and Mdm Nadiah Diyana.. I can be their student for my entire life, no doubt! 

I will miss teaching so much...I dont really mind having so many subjects to handle, because its challenging, and CHALLENGE is always FUN! 

Dear All, I hope u guys enjoyed every moment with me during classes... seeing ur attitude, character and mess in class, just not more than reminding myself my great old time as a students! again, TQ for the opportunity.


owh, this gonna be so emotional. 

" a GIRLFRIEND is needed, but a BESTFREN is always IMPORTANT"

in my entire life, a bestfriend will always come and go... and as i could recall, I dont really share everything with anyone..because i am not just into that. 

but here in Arau, apart of me as a young tutor, my two best fren since day one in Diploma days, are also here...its Nuar and Along! 

Along, joining me n Nuar during last semester...and suddenly became so adapted in lecturing life..sometimes, I am wondering that she was better than me..aha! so dedicated as always in her work, very passionate and SANGAT GARANG (TEGAS) with her students.. honesly Along (if u read this) the moment before you be part of our team, I have this little suspicioys with ur ability to handle classes, but congratulation, u prove me WRONG! and without doubt, ur gonna be sooooooo much better than me...! TQ for always there to share story, being my 2nd pair of ears and my teman bertepuk tampaq, haha joking! 

Well, what can I say about NUAR si sepet nie..

at first, if not because of him, might be I will consider for other job than came here to Arau... the story was, as soon as I knew dat he also got the offer, I set myself to accept the same offer...because we have been a good friend for a very long time, and I know dat I will not be alone, hehe. 

apart from being my officemate, workmate, housemate, roomate, bathroomate and SOULMATE,  he also became one of the best fren that I have ever had... 

so not selfish (kekadang la, haha), so motivational, so eager to get the job done, so passionate in teaching, so RAJINNNNNN @pulun in whatever he did and the best part is....he has a very cute lil sister! aahaha! 

I mean, how could I not missed u bro...from day one, from we both used motorcycle, then able to buy a car together, celebrating bday together, having a thick and thin time together, sharing problems, support each other and keeping one secret to another...this is what I defined a real friendship is. 

better for me for not to continued more, since its gonna be more emotional, haha! 

for both of u, please take a good care of yourself okeh...! keep up all the good works and may we all gather again in one fine day! good luck for our Master, me here already miss u guys! 

XOXO! ;p


andddddddddddddd, here my number one! 

what can beat this? I wonder...

things might have been different these days...
things will be different in our future days...

but MEMORY is the one that will remain the same...

enough said, either it is a good or a bad one, I will put all the memory in my mind and my Life. 

"Dear Allah, tq for everything...sesungguhnya hamba mu ini mensyukuri atas segalanya.."

TQ for the memory! 

my journey of life in Arau has ended, now its time for me to create a new one, to store a new MEMORY.

cool and chill! 
till then, word up! 

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