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-2010, year in review! -

how have u guys doing? stay on chillax-ing huh? ;p

weLL, counting days ahead, we almost at the end of 2010, while we make a preparation for the upcoming 2011, why dont I gave u a review of what happened in 2010...

pals, please do not expect a HUGE juicy gossips in this list...OR any rubbish political gimmicks OR any miserable tragedies that not gud with all dat!

HERE I COME, representing the 10 most exciting sports scenario throughout the year 0f 2010!!

10 TEN 10
Did I ever mentioned about gossip? yes, this totally part of it, but in a different field of interest. both rooney and carlos tevez made a fierce pair of attacking during tevez days at Old Trafford. However, Rooney had breaking a headlines for a several weeks after a disappointment at World Cup 2010, when he ask for a move away from the devils. He claimed that the red devils have lack of ambition in chasing the tittle. The father of Kai Rooney had faced lots of pressure from inside out. then, luckily the transfer saga ended in United's way after he agreed to signed a 5 years contract. well, looking at where Manchester United at the table now, he might think that he made a great decision!

what's with TEVEZ? now, he turned to followed the footstep of his former compatriot. He asked for a move from the wealthy City owner. Speculation, Rumours, Expectation of his future? will never be end. They made to my TOP 10!

9 NINE 9
What can I say about this pretty and powerful lady. she has everything in his cabinet Now. if, IF and only iF Squash are being offered at Olympic Games, with all of my life, Im sure that we already have our first ever Gold medal in history. this Malaysian superstar, the current World Ranking top seed, for almost 52 months and counting, had already equaled the records of five World Opens tittles after won it at Egypt this year. Amazing huh? She was really make us proud and should be a good role model too, kids! Well, she's in the the TOP 10 spot!

the year of 2010 also gave a special moment for FC Internazionale or Inter Milan. they had such an impressive season. led by the special one, Jose Maurinho once again applying his magical touch to this aging side to won a treble cup. Yes, treble means THREE. that includes Super Cup, Serie A Cup and the UeFa Champions League Cup. Honestly, they were never a pretty side to watch...but with the tactical and discipline performance, they had prove on what they capable of. and for that achievement, they deserved my TOP 10!

However, I'm not sure they will make it in this list again, the departure of Maurinho will absolutely gave a super duper impact for the club. Benitez was always a disaster! well, I can say that they are currently in TREBLE TROUBLE. let's hope not! ;p

For this seventh spot, representing The REAL shocking moment in football scenario. The election of upcoming FIFA 2018 and 2022 WorldCup Host. We knew who won it (Russia and Qatar). The result had shocked the entire world after Russia had beat the motherland of Football, England and Qatar? never been in contention at all since they're the smallest country in the bidding nation. Well, Sepp Blatter (the president) might have a great reason for this. looks like his mission on spreading the Golden Cup in all around the world will be achieved during 2022.

On the other hand, I really looking forward on how Qatar will be hosting the biggest event in the world. Because World Cup is not just about football. I do touch when their delegation said during the presentation about unity of the Arab's country with Israel though football. they also hope that through this chance, it can enhance the image of Islam to the world. Well done!
and for that, deep inside of my heart whisper, U are on my TOP 10!

the same old rival with the same result. Lin Dan, the greatest badminton's player in China history. once again he proved his super power after stealing a limelight from the no.1 player in seeded, our countryman Lee Chong Wei. After humiliating his rival at the Olympic Games, the highlight of 2010 surely will be the revenged of Lee Chong Wei to his main enemy at Asian Games. andddddd once again, Lee Chong Wei failed to managed the pressure at the china land.

well folks, the results might be different if both Olympic and Asian games were not host by China, but I have to admit that Super Lin was one step ahead of Dato' Lee. He really doesnt care about the tittle, about the seed. he also said that ranking was not his priority...and he's got that one right. Like our iron lady, Dato' Nicol, SUper Lin had won everything. and for Lee Chong Wei, he should overcame his inconsistency during a big match. dun worry, we all malaysian still proud of U! and For that, u both deserved my TOP 10!

at the age of 23, he became the youngest Formula 1 driver in history and he truly deserved it. he's very competitive, courage and brave in his driving. the Germany born F1 driver had won 5 races in 2010 season from 10 poles position. he is the next version of Michael Schumacher. believe it or not, he also dedicate his glorious moment to the three MICHAEL that he adore during his childhood (Schumacher, Jordan and Jackson).

many spectators and experts said that the Red Bull Team help him alot for his championship tittle. to be fair, it was YES and NO. Red Bull Team had help him with such a fastest car in the racing, but the credit should also goes to the driver. when watching him on the track, he never quit and never satisfied. thats what keep him apart from his main rivals, Fernando Alonso of Ferrari. for that, he is on my TOP 10!

From badminton, changed your attention to another racket sports, which I guarantee was so exciting! Rafael Nadal, the current world No. 1 in tennis had such a devastating season in 2010. he won three from all four Grand Slam in this year. and became only the six player to won all the major titles. he does not start his campaign well because of injury. but when he did came back, he did in the most stylish way. nothing could stop him to be on top for the moment.

However, when talking about achievement, I have to admire the one and only, Roger Federer. the living legend in tennis court. he won the most grand slam titles., with 16 already in his belt, he still make life difficult for Rafa the clay king- the swiss maestro said that he looking forward to won all four grand slam in 2011. What a battle ahead of that one right? can't wait...and for that, U guys are on my TOP 10!

"A great way to START"
Usually, when we are talking about the opening and closing ceremony of such a games like SEA Games, Asian or even Olympic Games, we already had stadium in our imagination. but for this opening ceremony of Asian Games in Goungzhou, the cliche scenario suddenly appeared! they did the BIG ceremony at the centre of the city, with a river as a background, in an open environment and water as a main theme! one word from me, WOW!

after a tremendous achievement in organizing Olympic Games in 2008, China had made another step forward through their organizing aspect. First, they decide not to use Beijing again, although they did know that the main city had everything and guaranteed them success, they dont play safe and choose Guongzhou as a main city. Second, they made a SUPERB opening ceremony. this showed a their message that they were not just having a world class athletes, but also they aim for the best organizer ever. with a thousands of kids wearing a colourful costumes, a remarkable art performance from their artists and they also able to bring a SHIP on the main stage. Well, they deserved the third spot!

He's handsome, he's smart,he has a beautiful wives, he got a huge character and most importantly, he has the talent. tell everything about him. Tiger Wood, the best golfer in his era.
However, what makes him to clinch the 2nd spot in my Top 10 is about his SUPERB scandalism that cost him a HUGE cost. starting from November 2009, his affair with a blondes girls revealed! day after day, one by one girls claims that they have a sexual relationship with the golfer. this was absolutely a heart breaking news for a sports industry and for his family.
the FATHER OF THE YEAR also stopped from competing in a tournament in order to save his marriages.

during his dark time, his sponsor had terminate their agreement, seeing Tiger as a bad images of their company. it not stop there, the rating of golf tournament also decreased since his short retirement, looks like people are more interested in his personal life rather than his career.

End up, his wife Elen has left him bringing the kids. Tiger had apologized in public for his bad manner and bad examples. although he still not in a gud form in term of his performance, he promised that 2011 will see him at his best. Well Tiger, looks like ur promised is not ur biggest asset anymore. and for that, ur the 2nd TOP STORY in 2010!

Folks,finally here we are! counting down from number TEN, now me myself representing you the Hottest Achievement/Scenario in Sporting World throughout Year of 2010.

it was the moment of Iker Casillas lifting the golden trophy at the WOrld Cup 2010 in South Africa.

What else can I said about the matador of Spanish player instead of they really DESERVED the title. Apart from a favourites during the pre-tournament itself, they also impressed us with the beautiful game of football. For me, that was the main KEY for the success!

the presence of Xabi and the winning goal scorer Andres Iniesta in the heart of their midfield was just enough to tell u everything. For no doubt, the Barcelona pair never failed to drive the team to glory. they played superbly well, and the champion was the deserved one.

my No. 1 pick up in TOP 10 most hottest scenario in Sports throughout the YEAR of 2010!

this was just my personal view of the sporting event around the world. what a year that we have gone through isnt it. the 2010 will be remembered. and 2011 will be a year that full of hope...!

till then, keep on COOL and ChilL..
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