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Due to many respect to Mr. Parker, the former Red Devil’s Legend, I do admire his writing and critique about EPL week in and out…through his writing and commentary, he used to predict and preview the upcoming matches played every week..And for that, I would love to follow his step by doing such a similar thing…In my case; I’ll do the REVIEW of last weekend superb EPL show!!!



This was one tough decision to made, after considering a several matches including the famous victory of Liverpool at the Bridge; I have to give this match as the winner! It was so hard to recall – if any – when the last time when a team, who was a four nil down during the half time, made a comeback to drew the match and with a lil bit more lucky, they might turn back the score line. And for those who did not know, I’m talking about Newcastle who made the comeback, not the big GUNNERS…

The match was clearly look like a one way traffic as early as within the period of 10minutes when Walcott, Djorou and Van Persie put Arsenal an easy 3 goals past Steve Harper. With Van Persie bagged his brace, Arsenal was surely to increase the pressure to United during the break…

However, it’s EPL…the moment of stupidity from Abou Diaby when he react for Joey Barton tackle, change the entire game and result. He pushed both Barton and Nolan to the ground, which mr referee was just an inch away from the incident, and he was red carded immediately. For me, maybe the tackle from Barton was harsh, but with your team was very comfortable ahead, and the referee had already blow the whistle, the reaction was really unnecessary.

What happened then was already became one of the greatest history in EPL. Two penalty kicked converted by Barton, which one was acceptable and another was debated, an instinct striker goal from Leon Best and a super thundering volley from Tiote for the equalizer, complete the greatest night for the Toons and the worst for the Gunners. And for that, it was my match of the weekend!



Being a fan of this club since Beckham’s era, I can’t deny that the defeat at Molineux stadium last weekend was such a huge upset of the weekend not only for me, but also for the club. It was not just to break the record, I don’t even care and no way we can stay unbeaten for the entire season with a poor away performance display so far, my biggest concern was we blew the chances to seal the title away from the rest. With a shocking result to Arsenal, the closest rival in the hunt so far, this was a huge opportunity to move 7 points at the top, but again, the away performance run make us suffered.

However, my full credit was to the Wolve side because the bottom side of the table shows a total determination, a great discipline and never respects their opponent big reputation. They not only won the game, but they came back from the early goal, and for me, if this Wolve side slip away to Championship next season, they will be missed !

For the Red Devils, if they wanna be the champion again, which I am sure they are, they NEED to bounce back and the Manchester DERBY next week after an international duty on the midweek will be very crucial, and that will be my match to watch!

LIMELIGHT (other version of player to watch)


It has to be Torres, it should be Torres, and is Fernando Torres ! The man also called El Nino was the headline not only during the last week of transfer deadlines, but also because of his body language during his Liverpool day… many expert said that, his movement on the field had told us everything about his transfer saga.

On my observation, he did nothing wrong when he said he move to the Blues because he want to achieve something with a bigger club. Absolutely well said Torres.

However, what make it so wrong was first, he moved from LIVERPOOL, second, he move to one of their RIVAL, and third, he moved during the time which the club need him to be at very best not to request a transfer for personal reason.

Say it anything, to former Liverpool No. 9 now had turns BLUE. He was handed an immediate chances to prove his move was right, but again, he was wrong.

For me, he was nowhere near his best, he never will get suit with Anelka and Drogba up front, not when they three are all in a starting line up. Drogba and Torres have share such a similar roles, they might be the scariest striking pair in planet, but with Anelka was starting to rediscover his form, Torres really need to step up his game and desire again.

For me, his move to Chelsea was a risky one. Its either he can end his medal run waiting, or also still can get a medal but from a bench or as a passanger. At the age of 26, he need to rediscover his best form, and that form actually was peak during his Atletico era. The worst case scenario is, with a 50m price tag on his shoulder, he might be another version of Shevchenko...

TIll then, word up!

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