Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time to shut the Noisy Neighbour !

Hye All,

tho it was not such a great week and one of the hardest, let's cheer it up with an eye - catching and mouth - watering clash this weekend.."Manchester DERBY"...

Yes, its Manchester United vs Manchester City!

what a match, come during the right time and moment of the best ever league in the world..ait?

United, the current league leader, and on their way to be the first team ever to grab the 19th Premier League Champion tittle, while their neighbour, City since last season had spend a ridiculous number of money, buying a well known players (some were worth, and lots were not), is still trying to push their potential of being a new champion of the English football.

This will be a great chance for both team to shine.
United, had suffered their first defeat of the season last weekend at Wolves, had to bounce back from the shocking loss...and if they can do it by beating City, the tittle would be theirs.

On the other hand, Man City also are so desperately need a win in this match to close the gap with United, and this is the best chance for them to atleast finish the league above their local rival, since it has been 34 years since they last won anything...weow, and they called themselves as BIG club.

However, there are several factors that might worrying United, that can spoiled their early party.

1st - The crisis at their defend,

They only have Vidic and Evra that fully fit. with the International friendly took part during the midweek, this might be a huge decision to made by both manager on their team selection. United had already lost England skipper, Rio Ferdinand due to injury that he suffered before the Wolves match, while Johnny Evans had a minor injury during his training with Ireland, Smalling is never look like ready enough and Rafael also back from a travel to France for his debut on Brazil team.
Fergie might play Smalling or Evans beside Vida, and O Shea at the right full back, who ever that get the notch ahead to start later, they have to face a really tough day to confront the man in form, Carlos Tevez.

2nd - Tactical Battle.

Roberto Mancini will surely play like he always did, with 3 defensive midfielders in the centre of the field, and two wide players on the flank and Tevez as alone striker. Call it anything, a defensive tactical or to play safe, but as long as Tevez, Silva and Yaya Toure get their form right, they still can win the match and I dun think Mancini will change this. Its the Italian Job!

Well, its not just Mancini that we can predict for his line up. Usually, Ferguson also will change his team formation during a big and crucial match. I am quit sure that he will also put 3 midfielders, to match his opponent. Carrick, Fletcher, Anderson or Scholesy will have to start to form the diamond shape in the middle.

However, it might be a lil bit different this time since Wayne is back and Berba is getting his magic touch in front of the net this season. Although Rooney had to travelled to Copenhagen for the friendly match, I dun think that will be the problem since United need him to start, because everyone know what he can produce for his team, and Berbatov must start since the statistic suggest he is the current to scorer, so its either a 4-5-1 (Rooney on the left, Nani on the right) or 4-4-2 (Rooney and Berbatov Upfront, giggsy come in the left flank) for United. Im positive that it will be 4-4-2 for United.

Personally, United need to win this one...not only because it is the Derby match, but for the tittle..Man City had been such a noisy neighbour all this recent years, they claim that they are the real MANCHESTER... and to be honest, they are almost there...with the wealth of their owner, they can buy any players that can bring them the just the matter of time, but for sure, not this season...

Lets hope that this derby can cheer up our weekend, like it always did...
who can forgot about the late goal from Owen to sealed the dramatic winner last season?

since it will be a home match for United at Old Trafford, I cant see any reason why they cant trash their neighbour and start the champion party, as early as February!

For United players, U guys better not slip up again like last week, or else, from the best season ever, it will be the other way around...we might accept the lost at Wolves, but losing to City at the Theatre of Dream, will be a disaster!
Glory2 Man U ! hee

Till then, word up!

ChiLL and CooL, Mr. C !

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