Sunday, December 12, 2010

-whats with MAHER -

what a GREAT weekend that i've spend with family this week..
beside from eating, i also did EATING a lot, and another Eating and not to forget, EATING..

yerp, its the "MASAKAN MAK" that always never failed to seduce me..haha..
well, dats not what im going to highlighted here..
but just wanna share a nice experienced that I got during this two days...

it's about a singer named, MAHER ZAIN.

well, as a very RESPONSIBLE son (doubted dat) , i've took the duty to bought both my parents to a wedding..

saturday's location at RAWANG,
Sunday's location at SIJANGKANG..

two different place, with one same situation..

it's Maher Zain's song, during the wedding..

Walaweh, NICE! so cool and very MENYEJUKKAN HATI..

during eating (AGAIN?) the NASIK MINYAK ORG KAWEN, i was just wondering why..
is it just a phenomena, trend or dah xde lagu lain ke? *wink*

Honestly, this was the typical MAlaysian/ Malayan peoples...
we, MALAY were, are and will always greeting and enjoying and supporting this type of singer..

a guy (good looking is an extra bonus), good voice and singing all the religious type of song..

Seriuosly, nothing wrong about was a GOOD thing, a GREAT thing indeed..
Me myself was a BIG fan of him...

well, this trend/ situation might not last forvever..
but as long as it as it now, a praise to ALLAH..always!

I wonder when a local version of MAHER ZAIN will exist..
a real PENDAKWAH through their songs..

till then, WORD UP!

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