Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Welcome my Dear EPL...

hei EPL, welcome back to my life...

new season, new players and new drama!

that is what I've been waiting for...

though now im at arau, i promised that I will do my best to always keep up to date with all the scores, live telecast and action!

because im just addicted to, EPL..haha

OK, nuff said, here are my simple simple preview or expectation towards a few teams that I think, should be we go!


still in the dreamland after knocking their rival off the perch, the 19th tittle still seem not enough for Sir Alex Fergie since he make 3 major big signing during the summer... with the purchase of David De Gea, Phil Jones and the versatile Ashley Young, it is so clear that United's philosophy is to develop a strong squad with a young kiddo. I dont think the departure of Scholes, Van Der Sar and Gary will make this team fact, they are not as strong as we thought last season, only LUCK at their side... I have to admit that during their glory at the community shield against the Noisy Neighbours, this young squad led by Vidic and mastermind by Rooney, show some promising and entertaining game, with a short pass and very energetic run...and the ability of Smalling playing at the right, and the great prospect of young Cleverley, just answering the question on why Fergie doesnt need Sneijder on his side... this might sound a lil biases, but I have this feeling that this young squad, again will land home the 20th United we BELIEVE. :)


though I will never be a fan of this not so great team in football industry, but as a football fan, I have to admit for this season, they will finally develop as a TEAM, and will be one of the main contender to the tittle. First of all, with all of their money in bank, funded by the wealthy Sheik Ahmad, you should look at their full squad, all the names are very familiar, from the shot stopper to the net buster, how could u say that their line up will not be better than Spurs, Everton, Liverpool or even the reigning champion itself. And I have to admit, the buy of Sergio Aguero is really something, with the unsettled Tevez (well, he always make noisy speculation since the day at west ham) Aguero is the man that we really need to watch...with the supply from Silva, Adam and Milner, and the power play by Yaya Toure, wow they really have their point when they said that this season is theirs...however, to win the tittle for the very 1st time, I think more homework on how to set ur line ups need to be done by Mancini, well it is proven dat by using 3 defensive midfielder in a game, will not bring u any success...come on, be a man! :)


to be fair, I am not sure where this team will end up at the end of the season next year, without any champions league action for two years in a row, they really need to build up their team, back on top...and I believed that is what King Kenny is doing now... with some injection of cash, they managed to buy Downing, Carlie Adam, Jordan Henderson and Luis Enrique, all types of player that already know about the heat of playing in EPL..why? this is because King Kenny is really serious to atleast put the team back in Top Four position..well, since they are not at the top of EPL tittle holder, I think they also did not wish to let United to sink them in term of European Tittle rite...deep inside, I hope that The Reds will keep back in track and can give a challenge to the tittle race, so they will never reall WALK ALONE. :P


to be frank, I can see that the Gunners will be in so much troubled since the departure of their another skipper, to the Catalan...throughout so many years, Fabregas is the man that always generate the movement from the middle of the field, with his leadership ability., let me say it again, they will face lots of trouble without him, even worse, if they let another in form player, Samir Nasri moved to Manc City...yes of course, they still have creativity in the team like Wilshere, Arshavin and even Ramsey, but do remember on how many occassion that both pair (cesc and Nasri) save their day last season...if I was the gunners fan, I will keep my gun pack already...:)


There's nothing much to say about this team, they're still using the same player like last season, and in chase of the Crotian playmaker, Luka Modric from Tottenham, the only major change from last season is their coach...Villa Boas, the former Porto coach...well, let's hope that he will make several change to the squad from the ageing squad to the fresh one, and dont play Torres as a front man alone, he's not worth it anymore :)

ok folks, lets just enjoy this beautiful league and most entertaining one around the world..

till then, GGMU! :P

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