Wednesday, June 22, 2011

- Arau oh Arau -

Hei All, been awhile since my last post here...
I missed to writeeeeee...haha..not really. :)

no la, might be because I am still in a stabilization process in adapting my life here in Arau, the very PEACEFUL place.

owh, for those who still didn't know, now I am here back at ARAU, PERLIS, my former study place during diploma era, and now I am lecturing my own junior at the same course... Interesting ait? yeah, I found it very interesting too...and I am so delightful for this opportunity... :)

After almost a month I am here at ARAU, wow, what a different place arau now and before...
the environment, the development and I am so proud to be part of FSR Arau family here, the faculty that had became a niche faculty, a special priority given by the campus rector.

talking about my job, well, nothing much really...
I am enjoying sharing a knowledge with this fellas, a status as a new lecturer not really bothering me and my friend since all the senior lecturers are among my ex-lecturers before...who already knew us and more importantly, there are very supportive and informative and also kind to us...:)))

well, it was a fact the will never changed, welcome to the family..:)

Folks, I will try to write more about this new experience with u guys later on..
for the time being, I hope everyone knew that I actually enjoy being a LectureR...
about heart? naaaaahhhh, let it be a memory...

I leave u guys with this favourite quote of mine, crdt to u NA..:)

"Loneliness teaches u everything in this World.
Except, how to forget the person who made u lonely"

cool and chill ;p