Saturday, March 12, 2011

- be good mr in a middle called referee! -

"Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed winger Nani will not return until after this month's international break, ruling him out of the Arsenal clash."

"Arsenal will be without captain Cesc Fabregas after the Spain midfielder aggravated his hamstring problem in the midweek Champions League defeat to Barcelona."

Hello There,

3 in a row,
in this recent 2 weeks time, the current league leader, Manchester United have to face all the big FOUR back to back..
from two previous game, they failed to deliver, LOST back to back to Chelsea and Liverpool...
and late tonite, United will host Arsenal four quater final FA Cup Tie!
what a week!

You know, both team had a same fate towards this match...
both are in an anger mood, not very well prepared and having a big MIND game to be faced!

United - despite losing to two main rivals in a week, they had to play without Nani for almost a month...that will be a bug BLOW for them...and do remember, Sir Alex Fergie is still have to face FA for his improper conduct towards referees.!

Arsenal - they also will be without Fabregas and Walcott, and though they still have a remarkable Samir Nasri, well we know how influential those two young lads when they're on pitch, right! and also, Mr Wenger is expected to fight to UEFA about the controversy decision made by the Swiss Referee during his defeat at Nou Camp!

Interesting isnt it?

So, for tonight's game, the key battle will not be at the middle of the pitch,
also not at the current performance of either Rooney or Van Persie, we know what they can produce..

but its a REFEREE...!

might be its too much if Im saying that Arsenal lost to Barca was because of the referee, yeah we know how Barca play, but in football, expect the unexpected...
it will be a fairer game IF Van Persie was not shown a red card, the result might remain the same, but I still believe Arsenal will had their chances!
with 11 men on the field, they can't match the Catalan, how they will do better with that joking sending off?
not FAIR, in this case, the referee was GUILTY!

in the other hand, Sir Alex had broke his media silence by his statement of slaming referee about the nasty tackles by Carragher to Nani...well, he has the case!

the referee should be consistent in their decision...
if the player MUST be booked when they take off their shirt after score a goal,
the same thing must be applied for a bad tackle like that...

in that game, both Carragher and Rafael should be off the pitch early...
I dun know, but the referees should be consistent week in and week out!

they can change the game with every decision they made...
i know they're also a human being,
but as a human we have extra advantage compare to any other living creature...
might be after all this controversial,
starting from Henry's and Suarez's HAND of GOD..
until the shame joke that caused the Gunners a match,
it is time for the video's official mr. Blatter..

but however, I am still glad with all of this stuff..
it is the BEAUTY of THE GAME!

Good Luck Red Devil's, please bounce back!
twice, we still can accept, but for
3 in a ROW? no excuses!

for the Gunners, may the best team win!

till then, word up!

X cool, X chiLL!

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