Monday, February 28, 2011

-Chelsea vs Man Utd Preview! -

HeLLo Every1, Gud Day!

Football, especially EPL had been so closed to me since my childhood, I still remember the reason why I am the Red Devil's die hard fan, it was because the one and only,
Mr. David Beckham...

yeah, he got style man! ;p

sO, although it still an uncertain week for me,
this EPL fixtures on every week in and week out, always make me feel relief on everything...

This is the answer if you guys are wondering why I am so excited to write about this all the time being...yikkk!!

Okeh, back to business!

its a midweek game tomorrow morning, at 4 am (Malaysian Time) the struggling Chelsea will host the current league leader, Manchester United.

For this preview, lets have a look to a key battle, head to head towards the lines up :

Fernando Torres VS Nemanja Vidic

Fernando Torres has enjoyed rich pickings against Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic and the Spanish striker will hope the sight of the Serb will help kickstart his Chelsea career on this nite. How could we forget during the old days, the Red version of Torres easily eased past the solid Vida, El Nino had becamed Vidic's nightmare everytime they faced each other...However, with the current form and situation, Torres in blue version is not looking fantastic like once he did before...and also, the current form of the Serb is very fantastic, he is very confident and commanding at the back...he proved it during their last match before, and personally, I can't see why Vidic can not once again demolished his nightmare into the sweet reality...;p

Ashley Cole VS NaNi.

First, i would like to say something about nani, he's been vital for United so far this season, with the most assist player in the league, he already had step up his game after the departure of Ronaldo and Tevez last two seasons...with Antonio Valencia is still recovering from a nasty broken ankle, I would say that without Nani, there's no way United can reached the top like now, call him selfish, skillFOOL or watsoeva, but for me, as long as he is performing well, and gave the big impact to the team, he is the man to watch for tonight...Obviously, the man to watch Nani is the England most capped left back, Ashley Cole...with Ryan Giggs is expected to return, Nani will play at the right side of midfield, and will be facing Cole...without doubt, Cole is one of the best leftback beside Evra at that position...However, with the current form, it must be a tough job to handle the Pourtoguese winger...with the recent news that involving an accidentally gun shot by Cole, Let's hope it will not effect his performance...However, it is still hard for me to choose which player will get the better of each other, either way, it will always be a good battle...!

Rooney VS Referee/ Crowd!

Gud News! - Rooney will not being charged any further action by FA following his behavior toward Mc Carthy during the Wigan match, also it seem a bit harsh, but honestly for me, Rooney should be sent off for his action... Referee, Mark Clatenburg saw it, and decide it was unintentional, although the replay show the opposite...Rooney might be escaped from the punishment by FA, but I could expect that he will face a big challenge both from Terry's compatriot at the back and the fans! the fans will used all chances that they have, doing what they can by boo-ing the United No. 10 all the time whenever he involved...This will be a key point in this game, Rooney need to control his emotion, keep focusing on his task, since Sir Alex Ferguson is expected to play him as an alone striker, like he always did during a big game... so Rooney, watchout...howver, I think if Rooney cant get out of his lame and hot tempered peronality, we still can count on Hernandez, who know, might be tonight's match winner will come from the Little Pea again, go Chicharito..;p

Ok Folks, thats all for my the truly United fans, I really want my team to show their effective football once again, they done it for so many time which shining during an important match, so, let's hope they will do it again...

I hope it will turn to be an interesting match between this two big rivals, (since we have to stay up late in the morning..hehe)

Stats: Stamford Bridge has not been a happy hunting ground for Manchester United in recent years. They have failed to score in five of their last seven Premier League visits to Stamford Bridge and netted only once on each of the other two encounters while winning none and losing five of their last eight away encounters there.

Till then, word up!

Cool and ChiLL!