Thursday, July 1, 2010

-brazil vs holland preview-

Hye all, here we are again… there is more or less than 24hours from the kick-off for the 1st quarterfinal of WC 2010. Guess wat? It’s a mouth-watering clash between the “orenje” and the team with full of “samba” tradition.

Well, here the five (5) key battles for this match:

Van Persie vs Lucio.
The not in form Dutch strikers could really have been in a big trouble to face the man who lead his teammates to lift the Champion’s League Cup. With the captain armband of his country, I bet Lucio will not give an easy way to Van Persie to threaten his net. He is very strong in the air, have the ability to read the game and also can do a very hard tackle, I mean really hard. He is like a nightmare for every striker, furthermore with his military background. However, Van Persie might not yet to find his form in this tournament, but once he had, even Lucio had to be at his best.

Sneijder vs Gilberto Silva.
There should be sneijder vs Melo at first, but Melo is not fully recovered yet, so I bet the main person who should take a responsibility to guard the engineer of the Dutch team is the aging Gilberto Silva. Wesley Sneijder is a man with full of vision and creativity when he has ball at his feet, and not to forget he also can produced a spectacular goal which he did during the Japan’s game. But in the other hand, Gilberto Silva so far has enjoy this tournament than any other of his mates, he look sharp with his tackle, in fact he also can shoot from a long range. So, Wesley, although I’m not a big fan of Gilberto, I really hope u enjoy the disappointment tomorrow.

Robben vs Maicon/Bastos.
The return of the left-footed Robben at this stage can be very vital for both teams. Why? It’s simple…if Robben play at his very best, then the Dutch should have no problem to progress and vice versa. Instead of sneijder, robben is another engineer for the Dutch but with a different approach. He likes to cut inside and have his typical shot which always produced a brilliant goal, which we saw so many times this season. But hey, don’t forget, he has to face either Maicon or Bastos at the Brazil side. For me, both of these Brazilian fullbacks can’t be pass so easily. I’m pretty confidence that Robben will be start at the right side, to avoid a clash with Maicon, which mean he had to face Bastos, so, naaahhh…it shall be interesting to see who will win the battle and like the oldies said, the best man win, but according to Mr. C, the best man with luck, win…!

Kaka vs De Jong.
Kaka, the man that have a lot of hopes in his shoulder, and like the other STAR that failed to perform in this tournament, Kaka have no acception. He didn’t score yet, he might assist a couple of Brazil goals, but we all know how wonderful he is when he has got back his touch. However, he is still the golden boy for Dunga because he can always produce a magical moment. Nigel de jong who played for Manchester City is the best candidate to lock this playmaker, like Gilberto Silva, he is very hard player to be faced in the middle of the field, he love to attack the first ball and he also don’t even mind to make a foul or the unnecessary tackle if the ball is away from him. So Kaka, do watch your beautiful leg…ahaks.

Robinho vs Van Bronchost.
Like Kaka, Robinho also the other Star that yet not to fulfill his potential. However, with a wonderful placing goal at last-16, that shall be a turning point for this man. He quick, loves to do it with his own way, and also a very skillful player. With the injury of Elano, Robinho is likely to attack at the right side, so he has to deal with the Dutch skipper which also the aging – Van Bronchost. So far, he is doing pretty well at this tournament and I see no problem for him to battle against Robinho. Just, bring it on.

Well, I really hope that both sides can play a beautiful football and open games so that it can be interesting to watch. For Brazil, the absence of Elano or probably Felipe Melo can be crucial because they already lose Ramires due to suspension…and I really hope that the Dutch can also line-up Van der Vart so it can add the taste of the midfield battle and the versatility or the creativity of the holland’s attacks. Let just hope for the best…and enjoy the football…ohh wait, mr. C prediction –surely a narrow win for the Brazilian. Yieehhaaa...till then, word up!

-Mr.C- ^.^

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