Sunday, June 27, 2010

Germany vs England review!!

Hey guys, it’s me again…this review came just after the game finished...So, I guess, I’m still in da mood huh... well, as the truly England fans, it should be frustrated when seeing ur team being humiliated in such a big stage like World cup…but, as a football fans, here’s come the 4 important keys of this game from ‘Mr.C’ which ended by a big win to the Nazi’s.

Team selection

On my last preview, did I ever mention a name of Upson in the heart of England central defender…it’s a NO, and it was for a reason…he played for West Ham, didn’t have any pace to stop Klose, his judgement and passing was too bad and he was not good enough…Come on Capello, yes he scored the only goal, but his main task was to PROTECT the team, and he failed.Klose and Mueller were not the best striker in the world, but still… he can’t reached any of those two. To be honest, Terry also not playing well, but not as bad as UPSON.

Lampard’s disallowed goal.

This is such a key moment of this game and Mr. C also believed many of us agreed. When you are 2-1 down, and Lampard produce a brilliant shot like that which obviously went in…the only people to blame was the referee. Oh my gosh, when will FIFA learn. It happened to Rep of Ireland in the play-off and now it happened in the Finals. Some said that England will still not won, but remember, if that goal had been allowed with the usage of video tech (like rugby), it might change the entire night (or evening in Africa). It will be a hot headlines and believe me, it will be a biggest upset of the tournament.

Germany’s beautiful football.

If other player or team wanna learn how to play beautiful football and superb counter attack, they should watch this team. Nice pieces of control, calm at the back, strong in midfield and also very fast during the counter attack which produce 3 of 4 germany’s goal. The brilliant Ozil, with the help of scheweinsteiger and the sharpness of podolski…well, u can’t ask for a better player with a young age like them…in a simple word, germany was just too good for England.

Under-perform Roo.

other than the issues of referee, another big upset of the tournament was when the high-rated player like Rooney could not managed to score…erm let me see, even once in the entire tournament. He’s been struggling with his form since his ankle problem during a match with Bayern Munchen-a GERMANY’s club. Well, I’m not sure if I will even enjoy this world cup if I’m at his placed. This should be a key factor of England’s early exit.

Well folks, by hook or by crook, it’s the end of England’s world cup journey. It is such a shame when you have a bright player like Gerrard, Lampard and Terry which will be their last tournament for sure, but yet you still can’t find a way at least to reach at semi’s. naaaa,it’s the beauty of the game. till then, word up!
“mr. C”

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