Saturday, September 29, 2012

a calm calm in a road.

Hello There, 
Assalamualaikum wbt. 

been looking back to my previous post, I've been noticed that I have became the OLD me... 

the person that I dont wanna be anymore, the person that I hope I can get rid of a very long time ago... 

I have became so negative in life, so jealous of others and having a few "sikap2 mazmumah" if im not mistaken, in me. 

The truth is, I dont want that. 

Almost a year in Arau had thought me a valuable life lesson...had make me became a person that I am proud of, a new me from a new perspective. 

but then, when im back here, living in my comfort zone again, I dont know, the OLD me had just transformed again...the dark side. 

well let just hope, with this post, after this it can keep reminding me on what type of person I want to be and dont want to be. Its my life and the decision had to be made... 

Just because a few things doesnt go on my way, just because a few peoples make me upset, and just because life knock me down a few times, DOESNT mean that I have to give up, isnt it? 

well, when life gave u a lemon, I'll make sure I'll give them an Orange juice ! 

may the OLD me will be Rest In Peace, eternity!

while the new me, keep on growing! 

till then, word up! chill up! 

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