Wednesday, February 15, 2012

update update of the year!

Hello everyone, LONG TIME no see.. :D

well, kind of funny actually when I really dun know WHERE and HOW to start, even though it seem like a DECADE from my last update...LOL!

so, lets make it simple...why dont I stat with........



aha, my life have been great...nothing much to complaint, a LOT to be praise indeed... well, so far I'm enjoying my work though its going to be ended soon, a bunch of GREAT friends and mates... Problems? absolutely cant run from it, but going to 24years old this year, I bet I can handle it well...WELL DONE to myself...(self motivation, hee)



I always remind myself that to be successful in anything u did, first rules, U MUST LOVE IT... and how many times did I have to tell the world that I enjoy on what I do now... it not just the job, everything about it are PERFECT!

students with different attitude, a very supportive workmates, two bestfrens since my Diploma time, a wonderful scenery in ARAU, the MEMORY and etc...

For my second semester, I have been given FOUR (4) different subjects... Event, Sport Management, Understanding Human Behavior and also Sport Skills... well, its kind of tough at the first moment actually, but by then I think i managed to cope with it WELL... Dont i deserved a credit for that? haha (self motivation)...

Look, from my perspective, teaching all of this kids is another process of learning for myself... I am actually motivating myself when I motivate them...and I am advising myself at the same time I gave advice to them...being a young lecturer is FUN, but the life lesson that I gained from it was VALUABLE...

the only saddest thing about this job is......

I HAVE TO QUIT at the end of this semester...
naaahhhhhhhh, I am currently pursuing my MASTER in Sport Management under the Young Lecturer Scheme (TPM), so I cant continued teaching since they want me to fully focus on my study...

leaving ARAU is gonna be hard, I wanted to see my students grow up because sometimes I see ME, Myself... but GOD always have a better plan for us ait? I HOPE i'll be back in 2 years time or maybe Less... Arau is actually feel like HOME now, I am gonna miss everything... Ok enough said before its getting emotional..hahaha..teeeeeetttt...



HELLO UKM, be nice be nice!

a UKM student, officially I am...:D

on 13th February 2012, am officially became a new UKM students... well, after 5 years of studying and almost a year of teaching at UiTM di hatiku, now its time to conquer one more territory...ahaks...


my aim is one, i wanted to show what graduates from UiTM is capable of... that we're not just about quantity, but the quality is always priority as well... :D

I hope i can pass with flying colours, make everyone PROUD of me, and meeting the higher expectation that I put to myself... I always believe that who I am right now is based on what I did before...I am just a human being, an ordinary one but always aiming to be an extraordinary...

Feeling? well, im so excited... a new environment, new challenges ahead and furthermore I am eager to start studying at one of four Research Uni in this country...with Allah's will, let just Hope that things run smoothly for me ya??

Dear friends, students and family,
do pray for my success as I always did to you! may Allah Bless us ALL! :D



ehem, NO COMMENT (bole x? mcm artistik x? haha)

frankly writing, me myself also cant believe dat I am able to stay single and single and single for almost a year... remarkable performance is it? har har har!

well, FYI i am actually a guy who cant stand by my own...I always need a partner in my share my view of life, to exchange opinion, to ask for a shoulder whenever im in need and also to love and be love...

but that perception change, since my last break up, I became a happy single man...well not everytime I admit, but MOST of it...

dont get me wrong, its not dat I dun want to FALL or get into the business again, I do...along almost a year, i have been through a lot... I learned the through meaning of friendship, relationship and thanks to those who are teached me that LOVE is still exist...

but the truth is, till NOW, I think I still not ready for the commitment... it will be unfair for my partner (whoever she is)... For now my priority is my family, study and career...

Love can wait, good things can wait...

it doesnt matter how long I will take to find the one, because I am sure, its gonna be someone that worth it...have faith anip :D


owh guys,

i guess that all from me for now...

happy reading, till then WORD UP!

see you next year for my next entreeeeeey! ahaks!

cool and chiLL,

(this article doesnt go into 2nd reading, sorry for any broken grammar! wa ha ha! :D)


  1. it's not wrong for being single.. Allah is always with us. sometime he let us met a wrong person so that we can appreciate the best one better. :)
    "Sesungguhnya akan Kami berikan cubaan kepadaMu dgn sedikit ketakutan, kelaparan, kekurangan harta, jiwa & buah0buahan. Dan berikanlah berita gembira kpd org2 yg sabar" Baqarah: 155

  2. owh, nothing wrong on being worry! ;)