Monday, May 23, 2011

A NEW beginning for the OLD memories..=p

ASSALAMUALAIKUM, hello every1..

Dear frens, by the end of this week, I'll be leaving to Arau, Perlis to start a new chapter in my life...

To be fair, I have a mixed feelings...Happy, excited, sad and unSURE...

yeah, of course I am so HAPPY, out of so many others candidate, I am among the lucky person to be chosen by my former coordinator in Arau to be the partime/full time lecturer...I know it happened so fast, right after I'm finishing my degree, but like the sister always said, GRAB!

and Me also EXCITED to return back to Arau, the place that I have been studying for 3 years, the place that thought me not only about Sports Study, but also life lessons and how to lived by my own...and Now, I am about the teach my juniors back...veryyyyy Excited..

SAD? yeah, for sure..who dont? I will live far away from my family, I know I have been there, but studying and working is two different things..who know how long I will live there, might be just a short trip as a lecturer, or permanently there..but both way, I know the Almighty know better...and I know I am always in my family's heart, like they always be in mine...:p

and UNSURE? who dont?
put yourself in my shoes, get a good offer, from a student suddenly you need to transform yourself to be a lecturer to other students...a big responsibility to handle...yeah of course, I should lower the expectation a bit, I mean, I will always aim for the Moon, but if I fall, I hope to lean at the Stars... I will make sure my future students (poyo plak) will get what they should get in terms of education, like I always wanted during my time as a student.

and YES, surely there is another factor that make me become doubtful about this...but naaaah, I wont write here, I have share a lot, hook or by crook, decision have been made, and I hope to turn an ordinary apple, into a damn sweet juices..:p

Frens, do me a favor please...

wish me luck in whatever I do, now or in future like I always pray for u...
yeah of course, we will never know what will happen one day...but I do believe that we can plan for that...

"It's not the destination, but the journey that matters"

till then, word up!

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